Health is our biggest, most delicate asset. Canadians have access to provincial plans that cover basic treatments and services that are medically necessary such as hospital stays, annual check-ups, treatments of illnesses or injuries, surgeries, and maternity services. Often, we may spend more time in line than in treatment. The following plan is an important tool for rounding out an appropriate health strategy for you and your family.

DHC Elite Medical Travel


DHC Administrators is proud to offer a global healthcare program that will provide Canadians with high-quality, timely healthcare options over and above what your province covers.

The Elite Medical/Travel Plan provides access to the highest quality medical facilities worldwide, on a timely basis. The comprehensive plan offers superior benefits and YOUR choice of medical providers anywhere in the world, covering virtually all medical procedures. If a licensed physician recommends that you need treatment, whether it is for knee or hip surgery, cancer treatments or cardiac care, this plan will cover almost all medical expenses incurred.


  • No medical underwriting for qualified purchasers.
  • Pre-existing conditions covered after 24 months.
  • $1 million CAD coverage per person/year up to age 75.
  • $500,000 CAD per person/year after age 75.
  • Access to your choice of ANY clinic or hospital in the world.
  • Access to your choice of the most renowned physicians in all areas of medicine.
  • Access to the most current medical technologies and treatments.
  • Guaranteed lifetime high-quality travel coverage with:
    • No requalification once issued, and,
    • Coverage, regardless of health status.
  • Exclusions include purely cosmetic procedures and accidents sustained while competing as a professional athlete.


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This plan is available to all DHC Administrator’s clients. If you are not currently a client, we have options available.
Policies purchased within 60 days of receiving a quote, qualify for no medical underwriting.

Children up to age 24 are covered under their parent’s policy with their own premiums. After age 24, they will need their own policy.

The price is based on an individual’s age and gender. Pricing has a ten-year age band and can be expected to increase 2 – 4 % annually due to medical inflation.
For Example:
A 25-year-old male with a $5000 deductible would pay $809.55 annually
A 25-year-old female with a $5000 deductible would pay $1348.45 annually
A 55-year-old male with a $5000 deductible would pay $1639.27 annually
A 55-year-old female with a $5000 deductible would pay $2722.91 annually

There are $1000, $5000, and $10,000 options available.

Coverage is issued without having to medically qualify if you purchase the plan within 60 days of receiving a quote. There is a 24-month pre-existing condition clause. This means that you will not be covered for a medical issue that you have sought treatment or medication for in the past 24 months prior to the policy’s effective date.

For example, if you apply for the plan and it becomes effective March 1st 2022, and you had recently seen your doctor for an ongoing back problem, the first 24 months will not cover a claim related to your back treatment. After 24 months, you would be covered for all medical issues, including those related to your back.

The Elite Medical/Travel plan is lifetime coverage.

Traditional plans must be repurchased when the policy expires.

You have the choice of doctor/facility/treatment with this plan.

With traditional plans, the insurance company decides where you receive treatment.

With the Elite Medical/Travel Plan, for example, if you had a stroke, your medical expenses would be covered. You would still receive the annual $1 million CAD of coverage the following year even if you had another stroke.

With traditional travel insurance, you would likely be denied coverage or charged a prohibitive premium.


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